Video capture of JJ Chardeau's intergalactic and crazy rock opera

On his distant planet, he was nicknamed The Magical Musical Man. Its mission: to spread universal music across the vast worlds.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Everything was going well until the day he landed on Earth ...

It will take the help of God and Mephisto to lend him a hand! Or is it the opposite ?!

STARRING:   Jerry Goodman (Mahavisnu Orchestra) - John Helliwell (Supertramp) - Christian & Francis Décamps (Ange - Gens de la Lune) - Michael Sadler (Saga) - John Van Eps (Robert Lamm & Chicago) - Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth) - Kohann , Morgan Marlet & more… With the exceptional participation of Jean-Claude Drouot

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Lyrics & music: Jean-Jacques Chardeau (except Chad: lyrics by JJ Chardeau and Michel Monnereau)

Libretto and direction: Alan Simon


Rosario Ricco Bono: bass

Serge Malik: guitar

Mark Walker, drums

Bertrand Lajudie, keyboard

Emlyn Van Eps, violin & viola

Francis Décamps, keyboard

Jerry Goodman, violin

John Helliwell, saxophone & clarinet

John Van Eps, vibrato & percussions

Marco Canepa, sequencer

Morgan Marlet, backing vocals

Kohann, vocals and choirs

Roberto Tiranti, voice and choir

Michael Sadler, vocals

Christian Décamps, vocals


Choreography: Nicolay Androsov

Dancers: Solazvera, Fedulova, Kirian, Biriukov

Roles: JJ Chardeau (The Magical Musical Man), Jean-Claude Drouot (Dieu), Alan Simon (Mephisto)

Show in 15 tableaux, unique performance of 23 November 2019 at the Océanis (Ploemeur, 56)

Total duration: 115 mn

Produced by Chardeau for L. Records

Published by L. Records

Video recording and production: Rémi Valais Production

Pre-order DVD (release January 2021)

Videos of the show: Chistophe Laroche (Bohu Tohu)

Sound: Nicolas Rouvière, Yann Madec

Lights: Lena Marinot, Erwan Cadic

Promptor: Alain Noblet

Technical Director: José Nedelec

Acknowledgments: Océanis / Guy Lucas

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