To be convinced, just listen to FOR SYNC. - Soundtrack of an imaginary film . A double album of 24 instrumental tracks (original, alternative or unpublished versions, remastered or remixed) to discover not the artist but the composer, his cinematographic writing stuffed with winks and references, and his sumptuous orchestrations.


Designed like real film music, For Sync. unrolls a whole palette of atmospheres and sound emotions, dreamlike, fantastic and fantastic, by turns melancholic, colorful, melodic, eccentric, poetic ... In short, a surreal musical odyssey punctuated by stopovers, the soundtrack of a film that you have never seen. Close your eyes, imagine the images, the settings, the situations that this music could illustrate… On the black screen of your sleepless nights, Chardeau is pouring out.


The album is a good testament to the potential of Chardeau's compositions for music for images: feature films or short films, credits, aerials, interludes, jingles or musical commas, advertising, video games, musical illustration, sound design… D 'where its title' For Sync. »(For synchronizations), with the aim of interesting the professionals concerned - advertising and sound design agencies, audiovisual media, production companies, music supervisors, brands - in Chardeau's music and its possible uses.


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